Planning a small get together with close friends every now and then is something that most of us really look forward to attending. Planning a get together dinner or even just a small and simple gathering can be quite challenging especially if everyone has a full time job or a family to take care of. Schedules won’t often jive and the plans end up getting cancelled or moved to a later date. But once that you have found the perfect opportunity to push with the gathering just go ahead and make it happen.

Hosting a small gathering right at the comfort of your own home is a very practical and convenient choice. For one is that you don’t have to to worry about finding the perfect restaurant where you and your friends can meet up. They can feel more relaxed hanging out in the comfort of your living room instead of spending limited time meeting up at a restaurant.


Here are some things that you should keep in mind when planning for a gathering:


1.) Serve good food – this will always be the highlight of the event. Make an effort to serve good food to your friends such as pasta, chicken, salads and finger foods. If you don’t have the time to cook these dishes then you can probably organize a potluck so each of your friends would be able to bring or contribute something for the event. Ordering a few large boxes of pizza and burger will also help solve your food problem


2.) Prepare your drinks in advance – make sure that your drinks especially beer and soda are served ice cold. You can also prepare a bottle or two of good quality italian wine singapore that you and your friends can enjoy sipping after dinner.


3.) Movies or Games – If your friends are planning to stay longer at your place, you can always think of activities that you guys can enjoy doing together. Watching a movie from Netflix or playing old school board games are just some suggestions that you could take into consideration.

4.) Coffee and dessert – This really depends on your group’s preference but some of your friends really prefer sipping a cup of coffee and eating a slice of cake over drinking alcoholic beverages while catching up on each others lives. You can also prepare a couple of finger foods such as nachos, chips and dips, chocolates, cheese and crackers so that you and your friends would have a lot of food options to choose from.

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