Businesses are frequently accommodated in buildings on rent. Therefore there could be many reasons for the offices to be moved. For example, the rent period could have run out; it could be that the building needs renovation. Or you just decided to move the company due to transportation issues. Whatever it is moving a whole office is a serious task.

Planning the move

The moving timeline must be planned. Get the department managers and moving team for a meeting and create a timeline. Employees must be made aware of how packing should be done. For a small office at least three months are needed to do the packing right; for a bigger company it will at least take six months. One could say that is an unreal timeline and that moving must be done as soon as possible. If so, you must remember what needs to be taken might be forgotten and you will be in extreme difficulty at the new premises without the needful items.

Hence you must start packing and preparation as soon as possible. If everything cannot be moved it is wiser ton store them in a place that offers storage Singapore.


Where to?

The subsequent step will be to gather all material on the fresh space. Ask for blueprints or layout of the floor for you to recognize main components such as network points, electrical channels and plumbing etc. Most significantly it will help you to define the new layout of the office. It will also be a worthy idea to compare the new payout with the current one to get a better idea. It can be used to fix any unusable areas in the current space of office which exists in the new place also. Have an idea of possible problems in the new place; it may have a cramped reception area or a large space open and unusable. You might have to hire contractors to get rid of unwanted areas and install partitions or desks, paint the office or do any other needed changes.

Have a team

It is mandatory that a team at the office is ready for this major task. You could ask for volunteers or appoint department heads, or even ask the heads to nominate someone from each area. It is simply too much of a disturbance to the day-to-day tasks of the office. If a representative team is notified to get every employee to pack their official as well as personal things, in short, “pack each one’s desk”, it is a matter of moving all the boxes. Be careful of no man’s things. There could be some stuff which were left by a departing employee and now are “not anyone’s”, but will be needed in the future. Setting aside a sizable budget for the move is also important.

Moving an office is a serious task as you can’t afford to lose any official item, or on a more serious note, confidential items. Therefore plan it right from the beginning.

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