Are you one of those students who dread coming to school because he or she has  no choice but to attend math subjects?


Or are you the type of person who experiences mild to severe anxiety especially when people start talking about math number?


Or have you tried your best learning about numbers but your brain can’t seem to function?

The following situations mentioned above may sound funny to a lot of people but we hate to admit it that this is also a part of reality. While it’s true that a lot people hate numbers because some find them complicated and stressful to deal with. We also have to face the fact that we can’t run away from this subject while we are still studying unless we drop out which isn’t really a very wise option. Instead of just accepting that we are bad in math and we will never improve, why not change your perception and find a way to make math acceptable.


First is to challenge yourself by taking special o level math tuition classes at least twice a week. Open your mind and give these lessons a chance. Try to compare math lessons to an online computer strategy games that you are fond of playing and set an end goal. Remember that there is a need for you to overcome certain challenges before you get to advance on the next level until you defeat your enemy.

So mentality challenge yourself by taking those classes and reward yourself after passing the course. And you also get additional bonus by increasing your level of confidence as well.


Second is to find out the root cause of the anxiety when it comes to dealing with numbers so that finding a solution would be easier for you.

Ask yourself the following questions:


What part of your math lessons don’t you understand?


How do you find your teachers teaching method? Is it too difficult to understand? Is it too fast?


Ask your classmates how are they coping up with your math subjects. Do they feel the same way you do?


One of the best solution to your problem to have a heart to heart talk with your teacher or professor after class. Make sure to honestly tell your mentor that you are facing difficult challenges in class and tell the honest reason why. Your teacher would appreciate you stepping up and asking for help instead of just letting the problem slip away as if nothing happened or  ignoring the anxiety over numbers. Because for sure you will feel the same way or maybe even worse next school year where math problems are expected to be more difficult to solve.



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