In 2016, over 30,000 residential properties in New Zealand tested positive for methamphetamine contamination. According to government agencies, this number is rapidly rising. Meth contamination poses serious health risks for people who plan on residing in such a property. Meth is not something that washes off the walls. The chemical can seep into construction material and last for years putting the health of dwellers, especially children, at serious risk.

If a property is suspected of being at risk of meth contamination, then owners must immediately hire a professional meth cleaning company to decontaminate the area before moving in. In New Zealand, there are various companies that promise to offer meth decontamination services. However, not all offer acceptable services that are up to standards. Therefore, here are several things to look for to make sure you choose the right meth decontamination company for your property:

Good Companies Comply with Standards

You would want to choose a cleaning service that complies with NZS 8510 standards for meth decontamination. The company should be properly licensed and should not have any complaints or review reports that point out to standard violations. The companies typically conduct pre-testing and issue clearance certificates validating a cleanup. It’s important to check with local watchdog groups or housing authorities to make sure that these cleanup methods were done according to accepted standards.

Seek Recommendations

Hiring a meth decontamination service is not like hiring just another cleaning service. It’s hard for regular people to attest to how well the company performs. Therefore, it’s wise to seek recommendations from informed or trusted sources on this matter. For example, you can ask a local housing group or housing administration officials about any recommended services. Health authorities could also be a good source. Companies that are attested for by insurance providers are generally trusted as well.

Check the Specific Cleaning Methods the Company Uses

The accepted standards for meth decontamination have dramatically improved in recent years. Most traditional cleaning methods are now considered to be out of date. It should be noted that traditional methods may use harsh chemicals that cause superficial damage to property resulting on costly renovations. More modern methods, like using fine oxidative mist, prevent this type of damage. Therefore, go to the service provider’s website and find out what type of methodology the company uses to remove meth.

Read the Contract for Damage Coverage

Make sure you are familiar with the fine print of the contract cleaning services come up with. The contact should include coverage conditions in case cleaning methods end up causing damage to your property. For example, some companies use water, which may end up damaging certain building material on a property. Therefore, understand the contract well before you sign up.

Initial Quotes Can be Misleading

Don’t assume that the initial quote provided by the cleaning company is a reflection of actual costs after the cleaning is done. Most companies offer quotes without including all the services that will be required for adequate decontamination. Therefore, ask for a realistic quote includes all the service fees and other charges.

Don’t forget to double check insurance coverage as well. It should be offered with the services. Make sure your insurance provider covers the methods employed by the meth cleaner.

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