We are born to this world not just to live in some way and die. Humans have come a long way from cavemen to manufacturing and using high-tech digital appliances and extracting the energies of the universe. One of the main objectives of any species is reproduction and populating the earth. However it is everyone’s dream that their children will go on to do great things.

How to take the first steps?

It is important to make sure that you are not forcing your child to do something they won’t like to do. This is a major issue in many families; if the parent wanted to become a doctor, but couldn’t, they try to make their son or daughter do it. What they don’t understand is perhaps the child wants to do something in arts stream rather than cut people up. Therefore from the small times, watch them and try to understand where their affinities lie. Throughout the kindergarten probably you will be able to see how they are performing in various areas such as drawing something, explaining things to others, taking leadership and so on. Be watchful of things they are refusing to do, too.

Train them

Once you can see where they are headed, encourage them. Again, do not force them to go that way or this way even though it seems as they like it. Perhaps they like drawing and art but can’t actually draw very cleverly. Make them understand that there are so many things to do in this world. They don’t have to follow you or anyone else. We have seen when kids get depressed thinking they can’t deliver what the parents expect from them. You can slowly nudge them forward; let them attend a helpful course outside school, ask them if they want to take a cognitive training class in Singapore or help them through homework when they seem to be stuck or not so happy about doing it.

Coercion might not work

A huge issue with especially Asian parents is they send the kids to the “fight”. They want the children to be the first of the class, be the top I every activity and beat everyone. But that is not what should be expected from them; teach them humanity, teach them empathy and skills to become a better person rather than just another machine in this digitalized world. That way, when pushed in to a competition amongst a hoard of other “machine-like” personnel, they will use that human touch to win the situation.

Our children are the future if the country. It is hence our own duty to not only to take care of them, but also make sure that they are the best output from us.

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