Toddlers are so correctly compared to a blender without a lid! Their energy can be like an ever flowing stream! And getting them to listen to something is almost non-existent! You can almost never get toddlers to do as you say!

But according to some of the most renowned psychologists, there are some tricks that can get your toddlers to do exactly as you want them to! Read below to in out.

Give them an option

When you want to get your kid to put on her hat, giving out a clear straight-forward order to put on the hat will only fall on to deaf ears. Instead, ask her if she is putting on her hat inside the house or whilst inside the car. That makes them think they are in charge, since they are making the decision. But ultimately you get what you wanted. Kids want to be in charge, so psychologists say that this feeling of wanting to be in charge will be fulfilled with such tricky ways of getting them to do things!

A ‘NO’ is a ‘NO’ at all times

One of the biggest flaws of parents according to the psychologists is that when a toddler cries, automatically a ‘no’ becomes a ‘yes’. But that is the worst thing you can ever do. Because you are inevitably teaching your toddler that they can cry or throw a tantrum and get things done as per their wishes. Yes, of course when your toddler is crying you need to pick them up, divert their attention, and talk to them lovingly and all that. But never give in to their demand to which you originally told no! The best part is that toddlers forget easily and hence it will not be a problem for long!


Bribe them!

Oh yes! Whether you want to get them up early in the morning to go to their preschool in Serangoon or you want them to stop crying for something, you can bribe them with something they love. Don’t make it habitual, but once in a way this method should come in handy. Especially for times like when out shopping. Tell them you will buy them their favourite lollipop only if they don’t ask them for anything else, you’d be surprised to see your good behaving toddler!


Kids are precious. There is no doubt about it! But it is very important that we bring up these children in a manner that will help them become good citizens. The way we bring them up in their toddler days matters a lot. Because we are actually setting the foundation for the future of our kids. The values, morals, manners, discipline and characteristics we teach them today when they are small, is what they will turn out to be in future!

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